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Join our Movement to Build a Trusted Internet
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Members of the Disinformation Resistance Community (DRC), all authenticated humans, commit to honest and civil discourse. Members Challenge dishonest or uncivil articles and other objects. Community adjudicators evaluate these challenges and, as appropriate, penalize Members who violate Community standards. Serious or repeated violations lead to loss of membership. As a result we eliminate bots, trolls, shills and bullies who collectively produce most of the toxic information that pollutes civilization today.

Our Community members assess the trustworthiness of articles on the Internet. We allow readers to block Distrusted articles from view, preventing harm caused by consuming falsehoods.  We also import “trust signals” from other reputable sources, and we allow our members to employ those assessments in filtering as well.  We hope to bring all valuable trust signals together, in one place, so that users can precisely filter what they wish to block.  This would enable all readers to avoid toxic information pollution from the Internet. 

Our members also contribute Trusted units to our Knowledge Bank.  These units help readers quickly find reliable answers to their questions. We hope you will contribute to the Knowledge Bank so we can collectively rebuild Internet knowledge on a foundation of trustworthiness. 

Many people around the world want to fight the torrent of disinformation, fake news, fabricated scandals, and hate speech that have ruined the Internet.  In short, we’d all like the Internet to offer a Trusted  space for knowledge and discussion.  A Trusted Internet, in others words, must exclude all  bots, trolls, shills and bullies.  By uniting the efforts of all who resist disinformation, we can create a safe space for knowledge and discourse inhabited by honest and civil people. 

Please join our movement to build that safe, trusted place.  Become an active member of the DRC today!