Code of Conduct for Agents of Trusted Origins[1]

Officers, employees and other agents of Trusted Origins and governing members of any community of trust based on Trusted Origins pledge to abide by the following rules[2]


Seek to Assure High-Quality Trustworthiness Assessments of Articles and Members 

Establish and maintain reliability of members’ credentials.

Establish and maintain accurate records of members’ history of endorsing articles and defending them against challenges.

Establish and maintain accurate records of members’ history of challenges and adjudicated outcomes.

Establish and maintain accurate trustworthiness assessments of articles and members based on appropriate histories.

Promptly process challenges to members’ claims, adjudicating them fairly, adhering to standards of science and fairly enforcing the associated checklists.

Periodically, audit the key processes and results, to assure the quality of outcomes and to implement continuous improvement.


Minimize Harm

Do not expose private personal information unless doing so serves a vital public interest.

Do not create, repeat or otherwise promote known falsehoods, unfounded theories, or hurtful memes that might injure or affect personal or social well-being unless that content is vital to an article and only if that content is clearly marked as false, unfounded, and/or distrusted and harmful. 

Consider the long-term implications of articles and insure they are corrected as appropriate or deprecated from Trusted to an appropriate revised status. 

Treat others with respect, and avoid derogatory and inflammatory statements.

Never demean or threaten anyone, and do not initiate or amplify messages that could reasonably be expected to put others at risk of harm.


Act Independently

Avoid conflicts of interest, real or perceived, and disclose any unavoidable conflicts.

Refuse gifts, favors, fees, free travel and special treatment, and avoid activities that my compromise integrity or impartiality. 

Identify content provided by outside source and reveal any payments, gifts, or trades associated. 

Treat all subjects fairly and deny special treatment to any, for whatever reason. 

Distinguish new from advertising or propaganda, shunning hybrids that blur the lines between them. 


Be Accountable and Transparent

Hold the company, its agents, and yourself to high standards of fairness. 

Explain the basis for your decisions.

Protect the company's reputation through honest and ethical behavior. 


This Code of Conduct is the property of TOC and authorized governing agents of TOC may change it at any time. 



  1. ^  © Trusted Origins Corp., 2019.
  2. ^ These rules mirror those of various professional organizations, e.g., the Society for Professional Journalists ( and the World Health Organization (

Updated on Aug. 25, 2020