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The producer of an article or other endorser of that article must affirm they have satisfied this Checklist for the article to be Trusted


☑   I am a TrustedOrigins member in good standing.

☑   I attest that I meet all the requirements of the Code of Conduct for Members.

☑   I have considered every claim in this article, and the article clearly distinguishes between factual assertions and every other type of assertion.

☑   Any assertion without a credible factual basis is clearly qualified as a personal belief, opinion, possibility, or similar concept.

☑   Any false or otherwise mistrusted claim is clearly marked as false, mistrusted, or otherwise untrustworthy, an assertion itself requiring credible evidence. 

☑   I have determined that every claimed factual assertion in this article is correct and supported by appropriate evidence.

☑   I have found credible evidence or trustworthy knowledgeable sources for each assertion.

☑   I have sought and failed to find credible evidence disproving any of these assertions.

☑   I can provide credible sources or references for all factual assertions.

☑   The article does not rely upon any source that is Mistrusted, has conflicts of interest, or has not been appropriately vetted.



If challenged by a TrustedOrigins member in good standing or a community agent such as a moderator or adjudicator, I agree to furnish the supporting evidence this checklist requires within 10 days.

Adjudicators or moderators appointed by the community governors will assess the challenge and my response on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Several outcomes are possible:

☑   The adjudicator/moderator accepts my fact-checking evidence as trustworthy, and my endorsed article remains Trusted.

☑   The adjudicator/moderator deems my checklist evidence unsatisfactory, so my article is deprecated as Mistrusted, and my reputation at TrustedOrigins gets a strike.

☑   The adjudicator/moderator deems my checklist evidence appropriate but inadequate to defeat the challenge, so the article is demoted to Unknown, but my reputation is not adversely impacted.


Brooke Borel, The Chicago Guide to Fact-Checking, The University of Chicago, 2016.

Michelle Nijhuis, “The pocket guide to bullshit prevention.” Blog post.  August 29, 2014. 

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Updated on July 27, 2020